Finding Canada’s healthcare equilibrium E-mail

Healthcare Management Forum, Summer 2012

By: D. Wayne Taylor, PhD, FCIM

Economic equilibrium, in which demand for health services is in balance with supply, is an elusive phenomenon in advanced healthcare systems worldwide, yet some countries have come closer to economic stasis than Canada. In 2008, the Euro-Canada Health Consumer Index ranked Canada 30th out of 30 countries studied for value for money. Wait times were Canada’s weakest spot, and, in terms of system design, context, and economics, there was clear evidence that Canada’s healthcare system was out of equilibrium. Canadians can learn from Austria. If Canada expects better value for its healthcare dollar, then cost drivers need to be addressed in a design overhaul. Only then will Canada approach equilibrium.

Natural selection: the evolution of patient engagement E-mail

Contribution to from Harlon Davey, Patient Associate of The Cameron Institute

I remember first year Biology at UofT . In one lab exercise we studied gaming theory to test the hypothesis that altruism benefited a population and the scientific method confirmed it was true.

Something wonky happened on the way to government policy and sadly many aspects of how we make decisions and what we consider as evidence in decision making in health care has lost its connection to the value of life and the human experience, elements that are hard to capture and contain as evidence.

Canadian Health Policy Assembly - Resources E-mail

The Cameron Institute is hosting the first Canadian Health Policy Assembly from Oct. 27-29, 2011.  This invitation-only event will provide a forum for leaders in health care from across the country to meet to discuss strategic issues facing the health care system in Canada.

Canadian Clinical Trial Summit: Starting the conversation E-mail

Saryeddine, T., Brimacombe, G., Laberge, N., Taylor, D.W., Kumar, R., Arts, K., Bennett, L., Ferdinand, M. 2011.

This document is designed to introduce a conversation. Considering that the focus of the summit will be on action plan development, the organizers felt it may be helpful and efficient to summarize commonly known issues and assumptions that will likely underpin the conversation. In this document, we discuss the value of clinical trials to Canada; what other countries are doing to attract them; what the situation looks like in our country; possible issues and explanations for recent trends; an overview of our strengths, and a look at current initiatives at both the national and provincial levels.

Medicaid in a New Era - Presentation by Robert Freeman E-mail

Medicaid in a new era - Robert Freeman from PFCD on Vimeo.

Click the link above to watch Robert Freeman's presentation at 'Medicaid in a new era:  proven solutions that enhance quality and reduce costs."  This event was co-hosted by the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease and UnitedHealthcare. 

Robert Freeman was presenting the results of a Cameron Institute research paper 'The Effectiveness of Disease Management Programs in the Medicaid Population'.  Robert Freeman is a research associate with the Cameron Institute.

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